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Abergele and Pensarn Railway Station





Wikipedia says: “Opened as Abergele by the Chester and Holyhead Railway on 1 May 1848,[1] it became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway during the Grouping of 1923. The line then passed on to the London Midland Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948.

The station in 1962

When Sectorisation was introduced, the station was served by Regional Railways although Intercity Sector trains passed through on their way from London Euston and the Midlands to Holyhead.

The Privatisation of British Railways led to services being provided by Arriva Trains Wales.”

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Foxhole, Abergele

Nestled on the Llanfair TH side of Tan y Goppa is the little collection of cottages called Foxhole. Here’s a photo taken by Dennis Parr of the row:


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Peel Street Abergele

Peel Street, Abergele 2012/3. Photo: Sion Jones
Peel Street, Abergele 2012/3. Photo: Sion Jones
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Bryn Tirion through cast iron railings at Mynydd Seion


Easly overlooked, these railings are outside Capel Mynydd Seion, Chapel Street, at the side of the road which led up to the old town police cells. Through the gap is Bryn Tirion terrace of stone cottages looking down on Llanfair Road. Another of Abergele’s hidden treasures.

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Groes Lwyd, Abergele

Photo Sion Jones
Photo Sion Jones
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Gele Ave, Abergele

gele-ave-abergele-2012-3-by-sion-jones gele-ave-abergele-looking-west-2012-3-by-sion-jones


Gele Ave, Abergele. Photos/lluniau Sion Jones

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Eldon Drive, Abergele

Eldon Drive, Abergele. Photo Sion Jones
Eldon Drive, Abergele. Photo Sion Jones


Eldon Drive, Abergele

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Pentre Mawr Park Abergele

Here’s a series of photographs by Sion Jones capturing one of Abergele’s true gems: Pentre Mawr Park…

Pentre Mawr – the Plasdy. Photographed in 2014 by Sion Jones.

pentre-mawr-park-abergele5-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele2-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele3-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele4-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele6-2003-2006-by-sion-jones

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All change again for Abergele’s shops

A couple of changes to report regarding Market St shops:

Lloyds the Chemist refit is coming on well:


And Kimberley’s furniture and applicance store is coming to town, opposite the Bee. There’s already one in Rhyl:


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Abergele from the air 1969-2013

aeriel2013Abergele 1969 from air




What a difference 44 years makes.