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Abergele Hospital in the 1950s

Here are some more of the old photos Linda Ramsden shared from her personal archive of Abergele Hospital in the 1950s. Linda’s mother was Nurse Hughes, who worked at the hospital, also known as the Abergele Sanitorium, in the early 1950s. Many thanks to Linda:

Plas Uchaf June 11th 1950. Norman
Unknown Children.
Unknown Girl
JF Doran & Patients at Abergele
4 unknown Nurses
James Doran & Patients Abergele
Unknown Children
Unknown Nurse and Children
Unknown Nurse and Child
Fancy Dress Party
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Remembering the people of Abergele who took part in WWI

On 11 November 1918, ‘the war to end all wars’ came to an end. Abergele is remembering this on Remembrance Sunday. The poppies and cutout soldiers as you drive into the town have been a thoughtful reminder for the past weeks. This website has published many articles about WWI (keep clicking the Older Posts link at the bottom to see all the biographies and articles)

Photo from @abergelecouncil Twitter account
Photo from @abergelecouncil Twitter account

We thought we’d look back at the Cofia Abergele Remembers project in which worked with local historian Andrew Hesketh and Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan learners to list and record the names in audio of the people of Abergele and surrounds who participated in WWI. Click the triangle at the top-lift of this Soundcloud widget to hear the audio recording.



Here’s a list of students who made the recordings:
Jordan Harwood
Chloe Merrison
Anna Humphreys
Teigan Thompson
Scott Carney
Alice Naylor
Chantalle Cox
Eleanor Lloyd
Iwan Coghlan
Cian Hanna
Mike White
Ben Stone
Sophie Peake
Laurie Wilson
Lara Wagstaff
Abbey Jacklin
Jamie Edwards


We’re grateful to Andrew Hesketh and the Emrys students for this touching tribute. We join with the whole nation, 100 years after its end,  in remembering those who participated and those who died in the First World War.

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Nurse Hughes, who worked at Abergele Hospital 1950-1953

There was a nurse at Abergele Chest Hospital, or Abergele Sanitorium, in the early 1950s called Nurse Hughes. Her daughter Linda Ramsden has kindly shared some old photos from her personal archive of Abergele Hospital in the 1950s. we’ll publish more of Linda’s photos of life in the Hospital in Abergele Post during the coming months. Many thanks to Linda:

Nurse Hughes
Nurse Hughes with other nurse and unknown children
Nurse Hughes (far right) with unknown nurses
Nurse Hughes with unknown Children
Nurse Hughes and another nurse
Nurse Hughes and Nurse Tubridy
Nurse Hughes with unknown Children.
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Father and baby dragged under the wild waters of the River Gele in the 1971 Abergele Floods

Lee Rowland Williams has been in touch with Abergele Post to tell his dramatic story as an 18-month-old baby when he and his father, the landlord (from 1967-72) of the Pen y Bont pub  in Abergele nearly drowned during the Abergele Floods of 1971. Here’s his story in his own words:

“My parents Sheela and Hugh Williams , ran the Pen-y-Bont pub on Market Street,
and the only pub that was built over the River Gele and during the flood , a car became stuck under the bridge , therefore causing massive build up of powerful water to engulf our pub.
“My parents decided enough was way too much and with myself (an 18- month-old baby)  my mum and dad and Brian left the pub. Within leaving the speed at which the river was so forceful, my father had me in his arms, but a broken log hit him waist high, and he was knocked underwater with me , into the black water, he couldn’t see me.
“My mum’s heart stopped for what seemed like years. Our friend Brian reacted so fast and, without a second thought, dived under the water and literally grabbed me and raised me up. It sounds dramatic, but it truly was. I went to hospital, but mum tells me that day she saw her only son and husband almost too close to loss, that it’s truly a miracle and also it’s such a huge part of that flood.

“I, Lee Rowland Williams can’t find any archive story of this major story of the history of Abergele. Please help if you can.”

So now Lee’s story is documented on this site. Thanks to him for sharing it.

Looking north along the River Gele towards the Pen y Bont pub during the 1971 Abergele Floods. Photo copyright John Emrys Williams
Looking north along the River Gele towards the Pen y Bont pub during the 1971 Abergele Floods. Photo copyright John Emrys Williams


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1950s photos of Abergele Hospital from Linda Ramsden

Linda Ramsden has kindly shared some old photos from her personal archive of Abergele Hospital in the 1950s. Linda’s mother was Nurse Hughes, who worked at the hospital, also known as the Abergele Sanitorium, in the early 1950s. As well as the buildings shown here, she sent photos of life in the hospital, which I’ll publish on Abergele Post in the coming months. Many thanks to Linda:

Abergele Chest Hospital. From Linda Ramsden.
Abergele Hospital Ward. From Linda Ramsden.
Ward 4 – Abergele Hospital. From Linda Ramsden.
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Morgan’s Medical Hall ghost sign in Abergele, North Wales

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A fairly modern ghost sign in Abergele

Normally, ghost signs are a faded relic from the distant past. Think of the Morgan’s sign as you walk from St Michael’s Church to Market Street in Abergele.

There’s a modern ghost sign high up in Chapel Street, reminding us of when there used to be a Cyber Cafe there. So here’s a photo to help you remember…

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Locked In escape rooms Abergele

Great to see Locked In  escape rooms in Abergele.

This is how it works: you get locked in a room with 1-5 mates and you’ve got just one hour to escape by solving tricky puzzles.



Here’s some more info about Locked In Live Escape Games in North Wales – Abergele.
It’s a real-life room escape game based on computer escape games. Escape games are quite a craze. After entering a room with your team of up to 6 people, you’re locked in. By the end of 60 minutes, you must work together to find the clues, solve your puzzles to secure your escape.

This is suitable for ages 12 and up. Children under 16 are welcome in the rooms with adult supervision. Participating in the activity may require climbing a flight of stairs to enter the building at certain points.


Parties, small groups and corporate team building activities can be booked.
Phone: 01745 798670

Stanley House
Bridge Street
LL22 7HA

There’s a note on their website to say that you may need to ring the buzzer if the door is locked.

Locked In Live Escape Games North Wales Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5pm – 10pm
Thursday: 5pm – 10pm
Friday: 2pm – 10pm
Saturday: 12pm – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

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Aladin’s Cave, Abergele

This shop’s a real gem, right in the middle of town. It’s surprising just how many different antiques, second-hand items and other things can be bought here: from watchmakers’ tools to fine china.

Address: 23 Market Street
LL22 7AG

+44 (0) 1745 827 650

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Ben Hingeley, the racing driver from Abergele

Ben Hingeley, the racing driver from Abergele, was honoured recently by The Welsh Racing Drivers Association who awarded him the 2017 Welsh Young Driver of the Year.

Rob Allender shares this story with us, and says:

“Ben who is only 20, finished 3rd in the 2017 British Formula 3 Championship. WRDA spokesman Robert Allender said ‘Ben has had a fabulous year, and won 4 races which was more than anybody else, except the champion Enaam Ahmed. However, more than that, although he has matured into a tough racer, who is no soft touch, but he still remains a warm and friendly person, which is great credit to his parents Bonner and Julie Hingeley.

“While considering his next step, Ben will be test a variety of powerful cars over the next couple of weeks and this should give some useful pointers as to Ben’s 2018 plans.”