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Did witches dance naked around this tree?

Here’s an Abergele Halloween video for you. Shot on Tower Hill.

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What used to go on at Cae Stalwyn, Abergele.

Here’s a short digital story I’ve just made about the old Abergele Show. It was Brian Haynes – my dad’s neighbour – who told me about the ‘swimming’ of horses from boats from Ireland anchored off Pensarn beach.

(If the embedded video won’t play, here’s a link to it on

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Video of Tower Hill

Watchtower is the most likely purpose for the Tower on Tower Hill. Whether it’s the site for an Easter Bank Holiday picnic or a Boxing Day Walk, Tower Hill is woven into the fabric of Abergele.

The Man with the Big Silver Boots is a famous local Abergele bogeyman. Here’s a video about where he lives.

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Dwi’n Dod o Rhyl

Have you seen the video of a group of young friends taking it in turns to scream “Dwi’n dod o Rhyl” (I’m from Rhyl). The original’s viewable ‘by invitation only’ now, although you can still watch the answer films on YouTube.

dwin dod o rhyl - screengrab YouTube

BBC Radio Cymru has a fantastic series called Sesiwn UnNos – where musicians are locked in a studio overnight and are only let out in the morning when they’ve recorded an EP-worth of songs. I was thrilled to hear last night’s session – by MC Mabon, Tesni Jones, Ceri Bostock, Ed Holden and David Wrench – featured an audio sample from the original YouTube video: Dwi’n Dod o Rhyl. Track 3 on this page.