In the days of Woolies

It’s always good to be reminded of how Market St used to look in the days when Woolworth’s was still open. Here’s a colour postcard from the last millennium to give a burst of nostalgia. Because of the miniskirts, I’d date it as late 1960s.

There are lots of interesting features: the old Goerge & Dragon pub sign; the sun shades over the shops on the right; the green Crosville double decker bus in the distance; the old roadsigns outside Woolies on the right and pointing to Llanfair TH on the left; the Volkswagen Beetle; etc…


Abergele Market St





New York Terrace, Abergele

New York Terrace Sea Road Junction 1872

Norman Williams recently enquired if anyone could help him to locate Eurog House, New York Terrace, Abergele. Two of his late relatives, Mary Roberts (nee Williams) and her husband, Owen Roberts, had lived there prior to their both dying in early 1901 (see The Old Pubs, Inns & Taverns of Abergele in the 1800’s). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything marked on any of the surviving terrace buildings to indicate which it might have been. There again, it’s not unknown for house names to change down the years either.

There was, however, another adjacent terrace which no longer exists (see the 1872 map section above). That was called New York Street and comprised 10 properties, whereas New York Terrace had only 7 properties originally. The Terrace and Street, like Roche House which faced them, were all built by John Jones prior to 1861.

The above postcard shows Roche House on the extreme left. The right side of the same image shows the gable end of the first/last of the terraced houses in New York Street with the access just visible beyond.

Can any of our readers, perhaps with a more intimate knowledge of the area, shed any light on Norman’s query? My only other thought would be for him to contact the Local Archives in Lloyd Street, Llandudno to see if the 1900 Rates Books might clarify matters. I’ve put their contact details on the Pubs, Inns & Taverns page which has Norman’s original enquiry.

Nigel Hilton.

Old postcard taken from the outskirts of Abergele

I originally thought the photo for this old postcard might have been taken from the old hospital chalet at the top of Tower Hill’s Red Rock, but the orientation of Mynydd Seion in relation to St Michaels isn’t quite right. I’m wondering now if it might have been taken from the Doorknob on Tan y Goppa…? It all depends on whether the white in the foreground is limestone rock or flowers. Any ideas?

Old postcard looking down on Abergele from Red Rock

Old postcard looking down on Abergele from Red Rock

Shire horses at Abergele National Ploughing Championship

In the past, the Women’s Institute has produced sets of coloured postcards celebrating all kinds of events and landmarks around Abergele. Here’s a photo by Gwyneth Vaughan of Betws yn Rhos WI, showing the Abergele National Ploughing Championship. Although this plough is pulled by horses, judging by the estate car in the background, this is a fairly recent competition.

Abergele National Ploughing Championship. Photo by Gwyneth Vaughan of Betws yn Rhos Women's Institute
Abergele National Ploughing Championship. Photo by Gwyneth Vaughan of Betws yn Rhos Women’s Institute

Bryngwenallt Hall

Further to Gareth’s 1925 postcard of Bryngwenallt, I came across one which appears to be slightly earlier, probably pre WW1 showing Bryngwenallt Hall, with Siamber Wen farm in the foreground. I would imagine the photo was taken from above the the Red Rocks area, possibly a place we local children called ‘The Glass House’. That was the site of one of (Abergele Sanitorium’s) Plas Uchaf’s old chalets forming part of the outlying TB wards’ buildings. Bryngwenallt’s gardens appear truly beautiful, as befitting such a splendid property. It was very sad to see how the Hall lost so much of its former glory, to my mind, from the 1960’s onwards, to become a mere shadow of its former self.

Bryngwenallt Hall - date unknown.
Bryngwenallt Hall – date unknown.


Garry McAlpine (see our exchanges further down this page) has kindly sent some lovely photos of Bryngwenallt Hall which I’ve included below, though I’ve had to reduce them in size somewhat compared to their original format :

Bryngwenallt 1 Bryngwenallt 2 Bryngwenallt 3

I’m afraid I don’t know when they date to but, in the same way that they resurrected long-forgotten happy memories for me, I’m sure they will do the same for other of our readers. Many thanks for your input Garry & for sending them for inclusion on the site.