Bryngwenallt 1925

This postcard is entitled “Bryngwenallt, Abergele and Pensarn” and was published in Valentine’s “Carbotone” Series – card No 65300.  It shows an aerial view of Bryngwenallt Hall, with Abergele and Pensarn in the background.  The postcard was dated 26th of July 1925.

Bryn Gwenallt 1925
Bryn Gwenallt 1925

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  1. Nigel Hilton:

    What a lovely building. I’ve uploaded what I believe is a slightly earlier image, taken from the other side of Llanfair Road. I’d hoped I might have been able to insert it below the image above for direct comparison but don’t have the necessary skills. Perhaps Gareth can link the two somehow. Thanks.

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