Abergele People and Pictures Facebook Page Party.

The group held a drinks and nibbles party in the Gwindy on Saturday night. It was a great success. If you want to read the comments please visit the page http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/370619209625046/ The girls who organised it provided the spread which, as you can see from the pictures, was impressive. It was good to see a few people from days gone by and meet a few new friends. It is estimated that about 60 people attended on Saturday. There is talk of holding another one in the summer and hopefully more people will attend. . For those who missed it here are a few pictures of the event. As I forgot my camera,

These pictures have been reproduced by kind permission of George Frost.

Old Drawing Postcard of Pensarn

I think this is a lovely drawing of Old Pensarn. Its interesting as it shows cattle grasing on fields to the seaward side of the railway line. No promonade when this was drawn. I remember¬†an old guy, known as “Mustard”,¬†working in the dairy at the bottom of Clwyd Avenue telling us, as children, that when he was a boy he used to cross the railway line and walk across the fields to the sea. We weren’t sure we should believe him but now I’ve come across this postcard…….