4 thoughts on “Tower Hill

  1. Gareth Morlais:

    Great pic David. I don’t remember seeing a photo of the tower with a fence around it. I wonder if it was to keep the sheep out?

    1. rachel wrigley:

      I kept a pony in that field,as a girl, but never remember fence around.I assume it may have had restoration work ..( health & safety ) lol..

      1. Gareth Morlais:

        Thanks Rachel. That’s quite a long walk to go to ride your pony, but I guess your folks drove and parked on the St George’s Rd > Moelfre road.

  2. David Hughes:

    It is interesting and I’ve never seen it before. Think your assumption is correct. I asked an old friend and he thinks it may have been taken during some restoration work in the 1930’s. I think it’s older than that but I don’t know.

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