Home Guard Incident

I recently picked up a copy of The War Years, Personal memories of Pensarn and the Abergele area, 1939-45 by Robert J Griffith circa 2005. Some very interesting things are to be found in the reading which details his experiences in the ARP and the Home Guard during the Second World War. Here is a story I found interesting,

“When our headquarters above the Visitor Office was occupied, a sentry was posted outside. Once, one of these sentries was marching back and forth on the pavement between the door to the HQ and the corner of the NP bank. He halted and ordered arms with his rifle which was a routine movement, but on this occasion, as the butt of the rifle hit the ground, a single round was discharged. The bullet chipped a hole approximately 3 inches in diameter underneath the eaves of the bank. A patch of cement concealing the damage can still be seen under the eaves today.”

I wondered if it was still there after all these years, so armed with camera I went to look….

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  1. melyn:

    What a great story David and all the better for the fact you’ve backed up the legend with photographic evidence from today.

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