Abergele Junior School Staff

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  1. Noel Hughes:

    I remember the two male teachers at Centre rear. I think that one was Mr. Fred Roberts and I believe the photo was taken 1946/47. I have a photo of Abergele Children’s Choir taken at Mynydd Seion after winning National Eisteddfod 1947 – are you interested?

    1. David Hughes:

      Hello Noel,

      Welcome to this site. You are correct, Fred Roberts is second from left on top row, the guy stood next to him, third from left, is Lloyd Hughes, my father. We have been trying to date this picture for a while so you information is excellent. Do you remember the nissan huts on the Bee field ?, no one else seems to remember them. I have been looking for a picture of them for years. Please feel free to add anything to this thread. Many thanks for your input and I look forward to hearing more from you. If you want any pioctures posting here let us know and we’ll help.

      Very best regards,


  2. h:

    Front row from the left – 1st lady unknown; second – Mrs Roberts – Taught Form 1(who often brought her dog to class); Then Mr davies (?) Headteacher); Miss Jones and Miss Glyn.
    Back row from left – Mr Williams, Mr Fred Roberts, Mr Hughes and unknown lady

    I was there from about 1958 and they look about right for that era.

  3. Neville Roberts:

    Hello David I remember the nissan huts “Glyn Fish” held boxing lessons in one. I remember most of the teachers the headmaster was Mr.Davies. I went to the school in the Church House before the Junior School. I guess I went to the Junior School 1951. One memory was waving to the Queen as she passed through Abergele from the playground.

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