Floods 1971 C.Coy 4

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  1. Anon:

    I was a young child in 1971 but remember the flood. A day or two later a family friend took me to a shop at the top of Water Street that had been inundated. I remember it being between what is now Prys-Jones & Booth Estate Agents and what used to be the Wool Shop in the late 1970s or early 1980s. I think it is now occupied by St. Kentigern’s shop. As far as I can tell, this photograph seems to depict that part of Water Street. Unfortunately, the flood put the shop out of business and they were clearing their stock so I was very generously bought a couple of farm animal toys and a toy ‘Dinky’ trailer. Before the flood, I had not been aware of any shop selling toys apart from Parr’s toyshop and one of Mr Morgan’s shops opposite the Visitor Office. (I used to enjoy walking around Parr’s toyshop just to look at the Lego, dipping ducks, wall-walkers, bicycles, Matchbox and Dinky cars, etc.) Seeing this picture now, I still feel sorry for anyone whose home or life was disrupted by the flood. Thankfully, the effects of the flood on our home were trivial and seemed to involve standing rainwater – e.g. the comical transformation of an unopened sack of cement lying outside into a pillow-shaped boulder, still in the remains of its paper sack.

    1. Gareth Morlais:

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