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  1. Linda Ramsden:

    My Dad’s sister Catherine Doran was a patient in Abergele Sanatorium from 14th March 1947 until she died in July 1948, she was aged 16. I have a copy of a diary she wrote of her time there, and she mentions her time in the guides and the Rangers and talks of the Carnival. Does anybody have any photographs of that time and would anybody remember Catherine.

    Hears hoping

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Thanks for writing Linda. If anyone can help Linda, please add your comment here. An additional place to try with queries like this is the ‘Abergele history and its people’ Facebook group.

    2. Albanwestby in there l949, 1951:

      will look at a list of patients I have
      . Alvanley

  2. david wiseman:

    I was in abergele san from autumn 1945 until summer 1947. I was aged 13 when i left. there were separate boys and girls wards but we met at school and during the day. I cannot remember the name catherine doran but i did know several of the girls. There was an anual carnival held at the san. The winter of 1946-7 was a very severe one and I remember walking on the top of snow four or five fet deep. I have many memores of abergele and a few photos.

  3. eric owen:

    i was in the sanatorium from 1944 to 1949 and i was wondering if anybody remember’s me.
    I was only 3 year’s old when admitted so i only have vague memories i do remember being
    put outside on the verander for fresh air & going into the woods to collect mushrooms, i also
    remember being in a pantomime at christmas time & also waiting at the bottom of the drive
    for my mum to come and visit

    hope somebody can help

  4. Doreen Martin:

    I was in Abergele from 1947 (age 3) until sometime in 1951. Being so young I do not remember any names of other children. I do remember a nurse Bowman (think this is the spelling). She was a lovely lady. I think we had woods there and can remember all the bluebells in spring and the shows that were put on for parent. After having a lobectomy in Manchester I made a full recovery. Joining the WRENS IN 1962 then getting married and having 3 sons. I remember Abergele with affection and the kindness shown by all the staff even though I was so young. Thank you for my life Abergele. Doreen Martin (nee Spencer)

  5. pauline:

    i was in there in 1958.for nly 12months Pauline Jones i was then ,,,my aunty was on the adult ward same block ,brenda shaw was her name ,

  6. Dorothy:

    My mum was in Abergele.
    She was around 3/5 when she went in and apperantly was lying on her back for a few year’s. She had this plaster cast around her wiest and went down towards her knee. Apparently she was playing with 2 boys and they pushed her in a wheel Barrow. It hit a brick and she fell out. This is what my mum told me.
    And she came out of the hospital when she was 8. But my auntie said she came home 1946. Now I’m trying to find out if my mum was one of the girls in the photo. My auntie said her mum had this photo. And my auntie asked me where I got it from. I said from a website I’ve been trying to find a clear photo of it so I can see which one is my mum. The 2 girls nearest to the camera looks like my mum especially the one lying down. Is there any one who can help me with this photo. ?

  7. Patricia Greenhough:

    A good friend of mine called Brenda Vickers, was a patient at this Sanatorium from spring 1945 until summer 1950. She stayed on Ward 1A during that time. Brenda remembers a Staff Nurse called Bowman, who was a lovely person and the sister on the ward was called Horan. Another sister on ward 2A was called Clothier (might not be spelt correctly). She has a massive amount of photos and documents showing her stay there. I wonder if anyone can remember her or their time at the Sanatorium. Thanks.

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