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New York Terrace, Abergele

Norman Williams recently enquired if anyone could help him to locate Eurog House, New York Terrace, Abergele. Two of his late relatives, Mary Roberts (nee Williams) and her husband, Owen Roberts, had lived there prior to their both dying in … Continue reading

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Bryngwenallt Hall

Further to Gareth’s 1925 postcard of Bryngwenallt, I came across one which appears to be slightly earlier, probably pre WW1 showing Bryngwenallt Hall, with Siamber Wen farm in the foreground. I would imagine the photo was taken from above the … Continue reading

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Abergele Grammar School old photographs

Does anyone have any group photographs, or know the whereabouts of any, taken during the period 1963-1969 of staff and pupils of the Old Abergele Grammar School please? My recollections of my school years are fast fading and I’m hoping … Continue reading

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The Old Pubs, Inns and Taverns of Abergele in the 1800’s

In replying to a query posed by Gareth regarding the Sun Inn (see Market Street topic), he suggested that I start a new post on the subject of the old pubs in the town, so here goes. We are fortunate … Continue reading

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Mount Cottages

Gareth, on 23 March last year you passed on an appeal for information from Juliet Roberts, regarding the location of Mount Cottages. Delyth MacRae & Brian Haynes were able to provide the answers. Subsequently I’ve found this copy of an … Continue reading

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Market Street, Abergele

  Above is an old photograph of Market Street of unknown date. It would appear that there is a flag flapping in the breeze, attached to the telegraph pole outside the Bank. Across the street, bunting adorns the front of … Continue reading

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Matchbox and other toys.

I made comment on Gareth’s ‘Abergele in Shorts’ story entitled ‘Hywel the Barber’ that my sister-in-law would sometimes buy me a Matchbox car as a gift. The small fire engine (middle bottom of the photo) is that first item, dating … Continue reading

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The Old Market Hall

How many of you can still recall the old Market Hall in Abergele, a collection of shops etc., situated below the old Town Hall whilst providing a short-cut between Market Street and Water Street (opposite The Mount). It’s Gothic-arched entrance … Continue reading

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Abergele East Map c.1872

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Abergele West Map c.1872

The aerial shot above was taken around 1923, looking over the town towards Sea Road in the top distance. It’s interesting to compare the view with the 1870’s map above, showing little expansion when compared to the modern day. The … Continue reading

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