5 thoughts on “The Co-op Camp, y Foryd

  1. Dennis_Parr:

    Simply a holiday camp – the first of many !

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Hope you are well Dennis. We’re all so grateful to you for sharing your precious archive. We’ll continue to share your archive over the coming years, for the enjoyment of all Abergeleites.

      1. Dennis_Parr:

        Gareth, Thanks for your good wishes. Yes I’m pretty well at the moment ( seeing that I’m 90 next May).
        Not doing a great deal of photography these days { my computer is pretty well stacked with them but in addition I’ve got possibly 7000 negs collected over the years ! Luckily details of each one (or strip) is listed on the computer ! }
        Again thanks for your good wishes,


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