Photos by A. G. Sumner

The Abergele Visitor’s official photographer and one who documented many of Abergele and district’s marriages and events was Mr A. G. Sumner.
AbergelePost reader Tim Foster wrote to say:
“I have a photo taken by Mr Sumner that I’m trying to put into context. It’s a large group photo including my father from around 1955-1965. The reference is FG26 if anyone is able to help with more details. I found a series of these group photos in various hotels around the UK when going through my late father’s papers. They all seem to have been taken at large hotels with a large formal seated group on the lawn. I’d love to know more about them.
“The two photos I found are attached. In the group shot my father is 6th from the right as you look at it. I suspect this one will tell you more than the one of just my dad. I suspect it was a church group trip of some sort. I have similar group shots from Weston-super-mare and Newquay where my father looks to be around the same sort of age. The ones from Newquay are dated 1958 and my father appears to be around 18-19 in all of them which would fit.“I’ve scanned the backs so you have the reference numbers too. If you, or any of your site visitors, are able to tell me anything about them that would be really great. The only info I have is what’s written on the back. From digging about in his other papers I know that he was fairly active with church youth groups, hence why I think it could be a church outing, but aside from that, I know nothing.”

copyright A G Sumner, Abergele, via Tim Foster
Photo of Mr Foster. Copyright A G Sumner, Abergele, via Tim Foster

copyright A G Sumner, Abergele, via Tim Foster

Please add any information about these photos (such as where they may have been taken) or Mr Sumner in the Comments.

Desperately seeking Squire Jacob

AbergelePost reader John Wallace has been in touch to ask for other readers’ help:

“I am seeking information about a great uncle of mine who kept an hotel in Abergele, and who died at Norcroft, Dundonald Avenue. His name was Squire Jacob or Jacobs. I believe he was a JP. The hotel and the house where he died were probably the same. If you have anything on him in your archives, and especially if you can identify which house in the present Dundonald Avenue was Norcroft, I’d be more than grateful. The period in question is roughly 1900-1930.”

Please use the comments at the bottom of the page if you have any information to help John.

The old markets of Abergele

Local historian Goronwy Davies has done a great job of documenting Abergele’s agricultural history with his book “A brief History of the Markets and Fairs at Abergele North Wales”. There are some lovely old photos and the accounts of the visits to the town by the Royal Welsh Show, including lists of local prizewinners, show the huge research effort made. I’m not sure where this book is available to buy, so if you’re reading this and you know where to get hold of a copy, please use the comments form at the bottom of this page to let other AbergelePost readers know.

llyfrgoronwy02 llyfrgoronwy01

Morley: a mistreated dog’s story

Have you seen Morley around Abergele?
Have you seen Morley around Abergele?

Look at Morley. A lovely dog who has been treated with cruelty. The Manchester Evening News says that the person charged with doing this moved to Abergele. Morley is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Animal lover and AbergelePost reader Linda Reynolds has been in touch to tell his story and to try to find out what’s happened to him. Can you help?

She writes: “Morley was the staffie involved in the distressing court case, reported in the Manchester Evening News in March of this year. His owner, Martin Doyle, tethered Morley on a balcony with his mouth tied shut, unable to pant or drink water”

If you’re easily upset by cruelty to animals, don’t watch the video of the CCTV footage. Linda continues:
“It was reported in the article that Morley was taken to a re-homing centre but we have discovered that this was not in fact the case. We have been told many different versions of what actually happened. to Morley. The following is what we do know:  The RSPCA visited the owner but didn’t remove the dog. Mr Doyle moved to Abergele and said he gave Morley away. Mr Doyle’s mother says she gave Morley to a re-homing centre ‘somewhere off the A548 heading towards Abergele Hospital.’ – ‘a sort of farm that takes in strays.’”

Linda Reynolds wants to know if any AbergelePost readers know of such a place in or around Abergele. But, most of all, she wants to know what has happened to Morley: “We simply need to know if Morley is now being cared for, and if he is still in rescue we would like to help him find a home.”

Please use the comments section on this page if you have any information.

Would you like to help form a new social club in Abergele?

Although I’m not keen on the description of Abergele as a ‘retirement town’, this card caught my eye because the person who posted it makes a good point: it would be good to have new opportunities for older people in the area to meet each other. If you agree and you’d like to find out more, call the number on the card:


1943 aircrash near Abergele: RAF Beaufighter VIF X8261

Reader Rol Griffith is looking for details of an aircrash near Abergele in 1943. He writes:
“Does anyone one have any information of a RAF Beaufighter VIF X8261 of 406 Sqn(RCAF) based at RAF Valley which flew into the ground at high speed near Abergele after being blinded by searchlights killing the two crew F/Sgt(Pilot)WI Hereford RCAF & Sgt (Nav)JWE Robinson on 7th June 1943. Where did it crash? Any personal memories?”

Please use the comments section on this page if you have anything to share with Rol.

Beaufighter photo
Photo by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

Abergele and The People’s Collection Wales

Maldwyn Huges has been in touch via our comments section to let us know about a project he’s working on to research and digitise the Abergele Town Council Archives so these treasures can be shared on the Casgliad y Werin Cymru / The People’s Collection Wales website.

Maldwyn lives just past Penrefail on the road to Llanfair TH. He’s been working with Town Clerk, Mandy Evans, on this project. After finishing with this archive he wants to offer his services by offering to scan interesting photos owned by people living in Abergele and the surrounding area. He would then pass these scans on to the bilingual People’s Collection website, which is run by the National Library of Wales.

If you’d like to work with Mal on digitising and sharing your treasured photos and items, Mal’s email address is (at)

As he says: “We know much about the celebrities and politicians of the country, those who have the media’s spotlight turned on them, but we want to know about the ordinary men and women of Wales, their lives and their experiences.”

Celebrating 31 years behind the bar at the George and Dragon
Celebrating 31 years behind the bar at the George and Dragon

Early road plan of Abergele. Very old map.

I’m not sure of the age of this old road plan of Abergele, owned by Dennis Parr, but it looks very old. It shows the old – now demolished – houses on Peel Street. Apart from those lining Market Street, other buildings are sparse.

Old map of Abergele From the Dennis Parr Collection
From the Dennis Parr Collection

Can anyone help to date this map please?