The 18 most-searched for Welsh words

“What’s x in Welsh?”, “Welsh word for y” … I’ve been researching words people search for on Google using phrases like these.
Here’s the Top 18:

1 Wales – Cymru
2 thank you – diolch
3 love – cariad
4 John – Sion
5 blue – glas
6 carrot – moron
7 I love you – dwi’n dy garu di
8 goodbye – hwyl fawr
=8 good morning – bore da
10 microwave – ffwrn meicrodon or popty-ping
11 hello – su’mae?
12 grandmother – nain or mam-gu
13 services – gwasanaethau
14 how are you? – sut wyt ti?
15 family – teulu
16 sheep – dafad (one) or defaid (plural)
17 good luck – pob lwc
18 beautiful – prydferth

number 6 of 18 carrot=moron

Source Google Keyword tool, based on collation of monthly search queries around concepts of English-language keywords connected with ‘welsh’, ‘word’ and ‘translation’. Accessed January 2010 by Gareth Morlais.

P.S. a bit off-topic as far as Abergele news goes, but I hope you’ll share this if you find it interesting.


(Originally published 12 January 2011)

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