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After reading Abergele in Shorts, just before it relocated to this site, Dave Williams wrote:

“Thanks for taking me back to the sights, sounds and indeed smells of my childhood (the old market tunnel!).

I am a descendant of an old Abergele family known as the “Wagongoeds”, and came across your fascinating website while trying to gather information about my dad, who was a world war 2 veteran (now buried at St Michaels). A family member recalled my father being featured in a popular WW2 magazine and this picture was alleged to have been proudly shown in the front window of his sisters shop opposite the old Pandoras Box.

I too recall Dilys Roberts’ fair but firm approach, and what seemed then to be a booming voice, and also the outwardly stern Rhiannon Parry Davies, who incidentally keeps in touch with my mum who was a school secretary and helper at playtimes…real teachers before the days of Common Purpose and insane political correctness!-it all seems like a million years ago, a safer and more innocent time and yet so tangible with just a little prompting from your website!.

Anyway, thanks for the memories and I will look in from time to time to put my feet back on the ground.

Kind regards

Dave Williams.

PS Do you remember Kelseys Garage?”

3 thoughts on “Taking me back

  1. David Hughes:

    I remember Kelseys Garage well. I grew up in Abergele in the 60’s and have recently moved back. What a joy to come home to a proper town after 40 years away. My Dad was Mr Lloyd Hughes, teacher in Abergele junior school. I’m trying to get hold of a postcard of him stood by his bike outside Woolies. Think it was taken mid 60’s. If anyone can help I’d be most thankful.

    Regards to all,


  2. melyn:

    Welcome home David. I’ll try and convey your message about your dad’s bike via the main column soon.

  3. David Hughes:

    I see you’ve posted my request. Many thanks.

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