Photo of iconic Abergele shop J. Pierce Williams

This was always a beautiful shop – the most beautiful in the whole of Abergele. I wish, when the Halifax too it over, that they’d placed their branding in such a way as to preserve more of the character of this old shop.

J. Pierce Williams jewellers

2 thoughts on “Photo of iconic Abergele shop J. Pierce Williams

  1. melyn:

    Just seen this from Darren Millar AM and heard that Halifax closed, to be replaced by Santander, on the site of J Pierce Williams’s old shop.

    1. Rosemary (Mickey) MacRae:

      Just a quick comment about J. Pierce William’s Shop, such a beautiful
      photograph. Ken and I attended the same school many many years ago. The Poplars in Rhyl !! It was such a sad moment when I heard
      J. Pierce Williams beautiful shop had closed. Left with good memories though.

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