If you’d like to make a local site like this…

I’ve heard three pieces of news this month which will be of interest if you think you may like to make a local website like AbergelePost.com

1. Starting in April 2014, Cardiff University is offering a free five-week Community Journalism online course. It’s called a MOOC, which stands for massive open online course. Cardiff University’s is the first ever community journalism MOOC. It’s led by Richard Sambrook who was editor of BBC News Online at the time when I worked as a content producer with BBC Cymru Wales Online. You can sign up for this course via the provider Future Learn, which is the Open University’s MOOC brand. I first heard of MOOCs though my interest in digital storytelling. The #ds106 course was a pioneer in this field. I’ve signed up for a computational linguistics MOOC by the University of Lancaster which begins next week.

2. Existing to help local organisations with communications, the Local360Network offers training and support to get local news sites and other local websites to get publishing regularly. I heard of this from Andy Smith, a former BBC colleague who trained me to use BBC News’s content management system many moons ago. He’d like to see more local journalism being published around the UK, and says:

“Local360 Network (is) a UK-wide community of citizen journalists, community reporters and local storytellers, providing the tools, skills and connections to get more from local news.”

Andy wants to “expand the existing network and to try and find local groups that may benefit from the opportunity of joining the Local360 Network.  I was wondering if you had any local groups or organisations you were in contact with that may benefit from getting involved.”

Feel free to contact the Local360Network directly if you’d like to find out more.

3. #DoSomethingBrilliant is a project I’m going to be learning more about soon following an invitation from a third former BBC colleague and experienced radio broadcaster Steve Lloyd. It’s a collaboration between the Media Trust and Community Channel, funded by Big Lottery Fund.

You can find out more about these three exciting projects by following the links above.

And remember, we always welcome contributions to AbergelePost.com; do get in touch if you’ve got a story to share.


Abergele Funky Stars Morris Dancers seek home

Russ Foames of the Abergele Funky Stars Morris Dancers group – which has been making an impression since the 2012 Carnival – has been in touch with an appeal for AP readers:

“We are currently looking for a new hall to hire once a week to practice and would like to know if you know of any places you could recommend i.e local church room, etc. I can’t seem to find any info and if you could help I would very much appreciate this.”

Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this page if you can help Russ and his wife and their dance group.

Avro Anson Morfa Rhuddlan WWII crash landing

Have you ever heard of the WWII plane Avro Anson Mk1 N5130?


Avro Anson 652A MkI photo from Wikipedia
Avro Anson 652A MkI photo from Wikipedia

In the summer of 1941, an Avro Anson made a forced landing at Morfa Farm between Abergele and Kinmel Bay.

Researching this is Gwyn Hughes of the GRŴP HANES DEGANWY HISTORY GROUP. Gwyn is an authority on aircraft crashes along the north Wales coast.

He wrote to AbergelePost on 19 September 2013 asking for our readers’ help:
“I am researching an accident on this aircraft during Feb 1944 at Marl Farm in Llandudno Junction with five fatalities ….and have found more information on this same aircraft of an earlier accident . The first crash was a forced landing at Abergele at Morfa Farm between Abergele and Kinmel bay on the 27th July 1941. The  landing resulted with its undercarriage being torn off when it ran into a ditch at the end of a field .
“I wonder if any of your readers can recall this incident or know any eyewitnesses who may have seen it. … I have checked out all local newspapers – Abergele Visitor, Rhyl Journal, Rhyl Leader – with no reports on this aircraft.”

AbergelePost contributing journalist Nigel Hilton read Gwyn’s comment and said:
“I’ve trawled through my collection of books on aircraft crashes but, apart from Terence R. Hill’s 2 Volumes titled ‘Down in Wales’, most mainly cover those in the Snowdonia area. Volume 1 of Edward Doylerush’s book ‘No Landing Place’ makes mention of Anson N5130′s last flight in the Appendix. As Gwyn probably knows through his role as webmaster for Deganwyarchive.co.uk and with his greater access to archive material, the aircraft was from 8(O)AFU (Observers/Advanced Flying Unit) at RAF Mona on Anglesey on a Navigational Exercise. On 15 February 1944 the ‘plane disintegrated in the air near Marl Farm, Llandudno Junction’, possibly as a result of a detached aileron. There were no survivors unfortunately. So far I’ve been unable to find anything on the earlier incident on the 27 July 1941.”

Here’s the latest news from Gwyn:
“I spoke to a farmer at Gors Farm and he gave me a lead to talk to his relative now living in Llangernyw, who was living at Gors Farm during the war years …fingers crossed !!”

You can read the full discussion in the comments section here; we’ll keep you posted regarding any developments. Feel free to let us know if you have any information about the 1941 incident which we can pass on to Gwyn.

Mount Cottage, Abergele

Juliet Roberts has been in touch with a question:

“Some very helpful chaps were able to help me out a few weeks ago pin pointing were my grandparents had lived at the time of their marriage. I have since found out they also lived at an address in Abergele called MOUNT COTTAGE. Now..i know the area we called The Mount was on Water Street….but can any of you learned people tell me where Mount Cottage was situated please?”

Pen-y-Ffordd Cottages

AbergelePost reader Juliet Roberts is researching her family tree and has asked for help from other readers. I’ll let her explain in her own words:

“I wonder if you might be able to point me in the direction of someone who may be able to help be locate an address…given as Abergele in the early 1900s? Ann and I are trying to trace our family tree and are curious to find where our grandparents lived at the time of their marriage. The Address given is Pen y Ffordd Cottages near Abergele. There does seem to be a very similar address now but I dont know if it’s the same place. Any advice would be greatly appreiciated.”

If you have any information that might help Juliet, please add them using the Comments on this page. Thanks.

Seeking pic of Elfod teacher with bike by Woolies

I’ve just received this appeal from David Hughes who’s returned to live in his childhood town of Abergele:
“..My Dad was Mr Lloyd Hughes, teacher in Abergele junior school. I’m trying to get hold of a postcard of him stood by his bike outside Woolies. Think it was taken mid 60′s. If anyone can help I’d be most thankful.”
If you know how David can get hold of this image of his father outside Woolworths’ Market St., please use the comments form on this page.