Do you know who owns this piece of land?

I’d appreciate some help in finding out who owns this piece of land please.
It’s in Pensarn, between the railway line and the beach, next to Ty Crwn caravan park.
Here it is shown on a map:

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2 thoughts on “Do you know who owns this piece of land?

  1. Brian Haynes:

    As the LNWR often owned land between the railway and High Water Mark, I would suggest that British rail Property Board may be able to give some idea, On the OS sheet there is a parcel marked which contains enough land to complete a western approach road to the present railway bridge and this is in the ownership of the railway. There was also quite a bit of railway infrastructure on this area to do with the water troughs around Milepost 214
    and the area marked was often flooded and may have been a relief pound, the excess water going down the outfall that still exist from that area.

  2. Delyth A MacRae:

    Gareth please contact me via Town Hall and I can let you have the information you require. Tel: 833242

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