3 thoughts on “Bryngwenallt Abergele postcard c1930

  1. David Hughes:

    It really shows how much the town has spread.The building of the Boadway estate in the 50’s and continual development over towards Llanfair Road. how much a place can change in our own lifetime.

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      And I’ve a feeling the old town is going to keep on growing David. I just hope the essential character of Abergele will be preserved as much as possible.

      1. David Hughes:

        I think it will grow as well but I can only believe it will preserve the character of the town. When they go ahead with the development on Cae Stalwyn I would like to think it will inject more life into the town centre and fill up some of the empty shops. If the council allow development of the town in a sensitive way it can only benefit us all. I know we have to give way to progress but if done properly the town may well again prosper and make it attractive for new businesses.

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