Bowden House Dairy

Does anyone remember the dairy at the bottom of Clwyd Avenue ? I was talking to a guy I knew years ago and we were reminiscing about it, brought back a flood of memories. It used to be opposite the Catholic church, which is now a hairdressers. When I was small we used to listen to stories from the old guy that worked there “Mustard” he was know as, but I don’t know why. He was about 90 in the early sixties and he used to tell us about walking down to Pensarn, when he was a child, and crossing the railway line before walking about a mile to the sea ! Guess it would of been around 1870, I know the railway opened in 1848. I’m not sure why the dairy closed, maybe the advent of supermarkets. It was eventually bought by Mr Wetton who built the two storey building, photo in Abergele in Shorts, as a mans hairdressers for his son Glyn. Now it has been changed to include flats and the hairdressers is down stairs. Curios that Mr Wetton’s first appearance, in my mind, was when he opened his shop down Starkey’s Lane, or at least that’s what we used to call it, about the place where the A55 underpass is if your walking from the bottom of Maes Canol to Pensarn.

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  1. melyn:

    David, Here’s a link to a page with a photo from Lee Wetton which I think you’ll like:
    Thanks for mentioning AbergelePost to John Bowman. He’s just posted some fantastic memories about Harold, Bertie Babs and Wades on this site.

  2. Chris Hope:

    There are two properties in Abergele with the name Bowden House – the one mentioned above, and one a few doors down Chapel St from the George & Dragon. I have an interest in the latter, with some historical info, but am always looking for more…!!

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