Bee Hotel advertisement in Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook

“Pleasure grounds in front” – I wonder what they were? Here’s 1860s ad for the Bee Hotel, Abergele, from Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook:
Bee Hotel Abergele advertisement in Bradshaw's Tourist Handbook of 1860s
I came across it when trying to find a copy of the book Michael Portillo referred to in his Great Railway Journeys programme on TV. The actual book used is scarce but this is the blog post that helped me find a downloadable online version of the full book. Thanks to University of Michigan, I’ve been able to print a copy of the book for my father who enjoys travelling this island’s railways.

2 thoughts on “Bee Hotel advertisement in Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook

  1. Huw:

    Pleasure grounds are probably Bee Fields, where the library, clinic and car park are now located.

  2. melyn:

    Thanks for this Huw. I’ve just found an engraving that shows the gardens. I’ll upload it as soon as possible.

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