Bee Field Memories

I was reminded about life in the old “Nashy” Junior School in Abergele while reading through The War Years by Robert J Griffith. In his book, he talks about the Army Cadet Force during the Second World War. “their headquarters was in two Nissan huts opposite the National School where the Americans had once been based and had used as a canteen”. This recollection reminded me of my early days in the school when the Nissan huts still existed and we used it as a canteen also. We used to have to walk across the road, under the escort of the teachers, to await the arrival of school dinners. They always arrived in a little van and the food was in large metal containers. I can still smell it today. I have no idea from where the food came but I remember it well. Of interest, I didn’t know that Americans were based in Abergele during the War.

This brings me to ask, when did the Nissan huts get removed ? I think it must have been done by Slaters to extend their parking area and well before the Tesco development. There was also a bus station where you could find Harold and Bert sheltering from inclement weather. I have looked but never been able to find any photographs of the Bee field in those days. I can remember what it was like in the Sixties, the Nissan huts, bus station and toilet block (which I believe did disappear during the development for Tesco) and of course the Sale Yard and Scout hut, located at the bottom, roughly where the fire station is now.

If anyone has photographs or memories they would like to share please comment to this post.

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  1. James Bardsley:

    One fact about the school I recall is the invisible barrier down across the playing field towards the old pole vault sandpit, a barrier with girls on one side and boys on the other. And nobody will cross it!! Classrooms similar, girls in the left, boys on the right.

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