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It’s nice to look back at good old Woolies. When that company came to an end, many high streets in towns around Britain lost their iconic meeting places. I’d say we’ve been luckier than most in Abergele. The Diskos shop that takes the place of Woolworth isn’t all that different from Woolworth. OK, so you can’t buy Ladybird children’s clothes, there’s no record department, there are no stick-on shoe soles and metal sole ‘inserts’, but I think Diskos is a bit of a gem. The staff are friendly and I see people chatting together just as they used to in the old Woolies. The high street shops are vital to the heart of our towns and I think Abergele’s lucky in that respect.

Diskos, Market St. Abergele

3 thoughts on “And now, like this

  1. David Hughes:

    Your so right. I’ve been away for 40 years and always missed the town. So nice to come back and find it’s still alive. How many people live within a few minutes walk of everything we have in the High street. We even have a proper butchers, that is a rare sight in many towns today. My memories of Woolworths include the the day it opened. Who remembers the red painted windows of the previous shop, think it was a sadlers but can’t be sure. The airfix kits in plastic bags, paper bags of warm peanuts and a tester to plug household bulbs into to make sure they worked before you took them home. If you couldn’t get it in Woolies, it probably wasn’t available.

    1. Dennis Parr:

      The red painted shop was a cafe ! I think that the name was “Central Cafe.”

  2. Dennis Parr:

    Re my last comment – does anyone know the date that Woolworths opened ?
    I would guess that it was in the early 60’s ??

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