4 thoughts on “Abergele Hesketh Market early 1900s

  1. David Hughes:

    I don’t think these are taken at the Hesketh market Abergele. Charles P Sheffield had registered auctions at Rhyl and Mold and I think these were taken at Mold. Whichever way a photo was taken at the Hesketh market there would have been buidings behind the auction sheds.

  2. Brian Haynes:

    I agree with David about it definitely not being the Hesketh Market, but would suggest that it is in fact the Harp Market, with Tan-y-Gopa in the background, the picture taken in a South-Westerly direction showing the almost complete absence of buildings on the meadows to the South, a situation that remained until the late 1950s. In the haze buildings are difficult to identify but it looks as though the road that crosses the lower slopes of that area can be identified and the farm midway between tan-y-Gopa corner and Bryngwenallt is quite clear.
    Also the Harp did specialize in Fat-stock, Beef and Sheep Sales, the animals in the picture seem to be in that class.

    1. Andrew Hesketh:

      That’s a very convincing argument, and the more I look at the picture the more I agree with you.

      1. Dennis Parr:

        From what I remember I was allowed to copy these photos by from those held by Jones Peckover some years ago.
        I would assume that they informed me of the location ?

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