7 thoughts on “Abergele 1904

  1. Gareth Morlais:

    Thanks for sharing this map David. I wonder why the land to the west of Sea Road is marked darker than the rest?

  2. David Hughes:

    Hi Gareth, sorry for not been here for a while, for some reason the site hasn’t been working properly, fault on my machine. clear now so ok. I think the land at Gwrych and Penre Mawr are darker because it indicates park land. On the land left of Sea road it shows some small wooded areas. Only guessing but think thats why ?

  3. Nigel Hilton:

    Hi Gareth,
    I’ve photographic copies of an old 1872 O/S map of Abergele at a scale of (I think) about 6 inches to the mile. It covers roughly the same area shown on the old 1904 map but in much greater detail. The land to the west of Sea Road is shown largely as fields with small coppices or wooded areas dotted here & there together with several ponds or pools.
    Prior to the building of the housing estates off Sea Road in the 1960’s, I seem to recall that the land was used as a golf course for some years, prior to it being moved up to the Tan-y-Goppa area.
    If you can provide details as to how I go about it, I may be able to upload a couple of images should anyone be interested.

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Fascinating Nigel, thanks. I’ve created an Author account for you on the site and have sent you an email with login details and instructions. Looking forward very much to seeing that old map. Best wishes, Gareth Morlais

      1. Nigel Hilton:

        Hi Gareth, many thanks for that. I’ve resized two images to give West and East views of Abergele. I’m not sure how well the detail will come across in view of the scale however. I’ll try to upload them over the coming weekend. It recently dawned on me that David Hughes and I probably went to school together back in the mid-to-late 1950’s. Was his father a teacher at the National School in those days?

        1. Gareth Morlais:

          Looking forward to seeing these old Abergele maps Nigel. Let me know if you need a hand publishing. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend.

  4. David Hughes:

    Hi Nigel, yes it is me, we were at school together. You, I think were year above me and Richard, who commented above, was a year or two below me. you are correct, Dad was a teacher in the Nashie. Nice to hear from you again.

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