Wades of Abergele

I think everyone has fond memories of Wades the bakers. I went to school with Byron Wade. His father coached Glan Morfa football team. His sister was a journalist on the Abergele Visitor – another much-loved icon of Abergele. Every Saturday, I was sent to collect our weekly order from Mrs Grace. Yes, it’s sad to think of Abergele without Wades.

Wades of Abergele

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  1. David Hughes:

    Your quite right about Wades Melyn. didn’t Stan Wade used to be Abergele cricket Captain. Guess you remeber Owens chippy next door and from the Regal sign further down I presume that was Parr’s tobaconist. Not sure who was running it when this picture was taken. Have many fond memories of Parr’s, selling loose cigarettes in the sixties or small packets of five Park Drive. Remember Parrs toy shop, now the Departure Louge, with a coffee shop above. Was the place all the kids congregated on Saturdays. I can even remember the songs that used to be on the juke box. Happy days.

  2. melyn:

    Good memories David. Yes, I remember the chippie next door with the high counter, Parr’s the sweet shop and Parr’s the toyshop. I don’t remember going to the cafe upstairs though. I remember a vending machine nearby – outside the dry cleaners? – where you could buy milk. There was also one dispensing Wriggley’s spearmint gum. Anyone else remember these?

  3. David Hughes:

    Guessing you mean the blue milk vending machine. They were owned, I think, by Griffiths Farm which was on the way to Llanfair. Not far from the chest hospital. My favorite was the strawberry flavoured milk, do you remember it ? They had a few machines, notably the one outside the black Cat arcade in Towyn. Many a holiday maker got stuck in the big front delivery draw. That’s what comes of trying to get your hand in to help yourself to the milk. Do you remember the cigarette machine that used to be by the bus stop outside the Co-op opposite Pentre Mawr main entrance ?.

  4. John Bowman:

    I started work as an apprentice at Slaters of Abergele in the summer of 1960, two days after leaving school. On my first day I was sent to Wades to collect the buns and cakes for the lads in the garage. I must have continued this practice almost every working day for the next five years at least, before completing my apprenticeship and eventually moving to work at Chester Engineering in Colwyn Bay. In 1974 I started working for the Automobile Association. In about 1979 when the AA had moved to a new depot in Peel Street I was an AA sergeant and we were opening up the depot and I was volunteered to go and get cakes and buns for the AA Patrols working at the depot. I stood at the counter n Wades and suddenly thought, “well 20 years on and here I am still collecting the buns from Wades, not got far in life”
    I also remember that The Wades used to have cats in the bakery and one day Mrs Wade asked me if I would like a kitten?. I accepted and took home the most beautiful black & white kitten, It was covered in flour dust, what a picture. We kept the kitten for about 16 years and as a full grown cat she used to be my fathers constant companion.
    Yes I also remember going to the chip shop almost everyday as well, Wades buns and a bag of chips, very nice indeed but every day!

    Occasionally we would go to the Mountjoy cafe for those little cakes and fruit pies, very small but nice.

    I also remember the milk machines and loved the strawberry flavour, Were they six pence a carton in old money?
    John B

  5. David Hughes:

    Hi John, isn’t life full of small coincidences, I also worked for Slaters for a while, later than you, in 1970. I worked in the Slaters that is now Mr Bevan’s, with John Carlisle and Emrys etc. The coincidence is , well I’m sure you can guess who used to go to Wades for the Cheese baps and cakes. I see you spent some time in the AA in Peel street, I think we have a common friend, “Nibs”, or Geraint, he worked in the paint shop behind Jones Brothers and then left to join the AA. Haven’t seen him for ages and don’t know if he’s still around. You’re correct, the Strawberry milk was sixpence and was total joy, so cold on a hot summers day.

  6. John Bowman:

    Yes John Carlisle was my apprentice in the electrical workshop opposite Castle Sheet Metal where Nibbs worked before joining Slaters. I also worked with Tommy Carlisle, Johnnie’s brother who was tragically killed when he fell down the pit in his garage in Rhyl.
    Nibs is still around but not very well at the moment, we wish him a speedy recovery.
    I worked at Slaters from 1960 to 1969 and it was a great place to work in those days, a good place to work with some very nice and interesting people.
    John B

  7. John Bowman:

    Castle sheet Metal Works, anyone else remember?
    They were where the Motorcycle Bag people are, near The Hesketh Hotel.
    The proprieter was Arthur Gaull, if thats how you spell it.
    They made almost anything out of sheet metal and one of ther specialities were coal bunkers. You could also buy ironmongary items and I think parafin.
    My old friend Nibbs( Geriant Evans) worked there before it closed down and he went to Slaters.
    John B

    1. David Hughes:

      Hi John,
      So sorry to hear about Nibs, lets hope he gets better soon. I worked for Slaters in 1970 and you are correct, there were some great people there and some characters. I do remember the sheet works, not sure of the spelling either but we knew it as Gaull’s, I didn’t know it was called Castle Sheet works. I do remember being able to buy all sorts of stuff made of sheet metal and also that they sold “pink” parrafin. Used to go there with Dad to get it for the bathroom heaters in the winter. Who remembers that ?, the smell of parrafin heaters in the bathroom when you were a child, to try and stop the pipes freezing up. This of course was in the days before central heating was available.

  8. Rosemary (Mickey) MacRae (nee Hick):

    Short comment about The Wades. Stan and Iris Wade were living in Georgetown, Ontario , very close to where my parents, brother and I were living, at that time. They had a very nice restaurant in Georgetown.

    I’m not sure if this is the correct ‘sight’ to inquire about a long lost friend. I’m anxious to find a Pam Chorlton, our families lived in Belgrano during the war.
    Pam on Holland Drive, and I lived on Seafield Drive. Sadly we lost touch after coming to Canada in 1952. I have tried Friends reUnited, but unfortunately no luck to date.

    1. melyn:

      Rosemary you’re welcome to use this site as you just have done to enquire about long-lost friends. Good luck in finding Pam.

  9. Rosemary (Mickey) MacRae:

    Thank you Melyn, I’ll keep checking this site, and in the meantime enjoy reading the Abergele Post. All the above comments bring back such wonderful memories.

  10. Rosemary MacRae ( nee Hick):

    I have just finished reading Ron Wade’s book “The Time of My Life”
    Thoroughly enjoyed every page. Brought back so many wonderful
    memories for Ralph and myself. Thank you Ron.

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      I second that emotion Mickey. Ron Wade’s recently-published book is packed full of memories of Abergele. Some lovely photos too.

      1. Gaynor Hughes:

        I would love to read the book written by Ron Wade. Does anyone know where I can buy a copy please?

        1. Gareth Morlais:

          I’m out of town at the moment Gaynor so I can’t check today but you could try Aladdin’s Cave on Market St, they’ve carried stock of local-interest books in the past.

          1. Gaynor Hughes:

            Thank you Gareth, I will call in next time I am in town.

  11. Beth Standing:

    I used to buy butter cream buns from wades in 1962, the butter cream was like nothing I have ever tasted since, would love to find the recipy, if you tasted them you will know what I mean. mouth watering at the thought of them. I attended Abergele Emrys ap Iwan in 1960 then went to work in Morgan the chemists, my first name is Carys

  12. Beth Standing:

    Re Nibs…….. Geraint, I am sorry to tell you but if it is Geraint, very small guy he died of. cancer about 2 years ago. He lived near Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan, or as we called it then Dinorben

  13. Shirley yarwood:

    Hi. Does anyone know the where abouts of gaynor and Ron wade? I am Shirley yarwood nee Williams. Last saw her over 20 years ago! Any info would be much appreciated.

  14. Caroline Roberts:

    Gaynor and Ron still live in the area, in the family home. Their daughters Sian and Llinos are on FB. I am Gaynors 2nd cousin from Rhosllannerchrugog

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