The big old shiny red fire engine of Abergele

Following on from David Hughes’s 1960 photo of Slaters – The Earl’s Court of North Wales – and this post about the same engine, here’s a photo sent by LL22 of Abergele’s old fire engine. It’s owned by Colin Knowlson and you can just see Colin behind the wheel here as the engine’s filled up at the Bee Filling Station.

4 thoughts on “The big old shiny red fire engine of Abergele

  1. Carol Teece:

    Thank you so very much for the image of the Red Fire Engine.
    I have an old picture of my uncle Hugh Davies 1911-1986 as a young man on the engine and my great great grandfather Hugh Davies 1844-1928 in his working clothes at the front of the engine and would love to have confirmation on the year it was taken.
    I do hope someone can help me.

  2. Griff Parry:

    Where can we see that fire engine now please?

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      It’s in Colin Knowlson’s private collection Griff. He does drive it out on special occasions, but not too often.

  3. LL22:

    I took this photo on my mobile phone as I was walking past. I assumed it would be acceptable to photograph it as it was in a public place and was obviously something that must get photographed wherever it goes. I chose to photograph the vehicle when I noticed that there was nobody onboard, in or near it.
    However, I was mistaken because the driver was present in the scene. Somehow, I completely failed to notice anybody in this picture until I read Gareth’s accompanying text here that highlighted the Mr Knowlson’s presence.
    Fortunately, I happened to bump into Mr Knowlson one day and so managed to apologise to him for taking his picture without permission and then getting it published here. I have to say that Mr Knowlson was very gracious and pleasant about the whole thing.
    Incidentally, I have seen a similar Leyland fire engine featured prominently in an episode of the old television programme “Dad’s Army”.

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