T R Jones shop Abergele

From the Dennis Parr Collection, here’s an old photo of the T R Jones shop in Abergele, date unknown. This men’s tailor and outfitter’s shop was located at Varsity House, Market Street.

Perhaps on the pavement in the foreground was a note to tell the dog to keep looking ahead at the camera.

T R Jones shop Abergele from the Dennis Parr Collection.
From the Dennis Parr Collection.

2 thoughts on “T R Jones shop Abergele

  1. David Davies:

    My mum bought my first pair of long trousers in T R Jones. Bought many more there over the years, I always wanted a tight fit as was the style in those days!

  2. John Ware:

    My Taid was the last owner of the business, thats him on the right, he would have been about 18 in this picture. Worked there from 14 years old till he retired at 74, less 6 years during WW2.

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