Shrove Tuesday Concerts

Shrove Tuesday today, and a flood of memories, walking home from school in anticipation of pancakes for tea. Dad making a fool of himself trying, mostly in vain, to toss them perfectly and get them to return to the pan in one piece and the right way up. Little squashy plastic lemons, full of juice, still available today. Getting tea done early so we could go to the Shrove Tuesday Concert at the Church Hall in Groes Lwyd. Always put on by the Band of Hope with the help of Mr Chalk (Chalkie), the curate at St Michaels. Place was always packed to see what surprises they had for us each year. Local businessmen and dignitaries abandoning there sense to do something silly to entertain us all. Chalkie was the Scout leader as well, so when we got older we all got roped in to perform. The seats would be taken early but if you wanted the best seats, let the hall fill up so you could sit on the window sills. What great nights they were, the town celebrating the day together, so busy that people would be outside trying to get a view of the proceedings through the open door. Not sure why it all ended, just a sign of the times I suppose. What a shame.

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  1. G Swan:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I left Abergele in 1969 but not before taking part in these concerts with the Band of Hope. John Chalk was our hero. I too was sat on the windowsill the night we said goodbye to him. Everyone was weeping!

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