9 thoughts on “Remember Jacksons shop – corner Jenkin St and Rhuddlan Rd ?

  1. W Roberts:

    Hello, i am curious to find where Jenkin Street was as i had my Great Grandmother living there in 1893 and i am trying to build my family tree.

  2. George Frost:

    Hi Mr Roberts,
    I just came accross your enquiry, Jenkin Street I believe was knocked down in the early 70’s. If you come into abergele from the A55 from the Rhuddland road at what now gets referred to as the Mcdonalds roundabout.
    If you look up
    Bromborough Paints
    Bridge Street
    LL22 7HA
    It was basically just to the left of it as you look from the road.
    In the picture the first Terrace row, bottom right that goes of the page bottom centre at the text wpw040132 in the url below the image.
    Hope this is of some help if you have not already sorted it.

  3. George Frost:

    The Lady in the doorway is Sarah Roberts.


    I should say though.. the lady in the photo is not related to me, as it is my Jones ancestors, that came from that street.

  5. Dennis Parr:

    Mr Roberts,

    I have posted a couple of photos of Jenkin Street on the Post which may be of interest ?


    Dnnis Parr


    Great thanks Dennis…
    Not sure where you say they are though.

  7. Dennis Parr:

    Hopefully should be on the Homepage !

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