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  1. Peter Bolton:

    The proposed poultry rearing unit at Y Fron, Foxhole, Abergele will house 38000 chicks and will produce 190 tonnes of manure per year which will be spread over neighbouring farm land. The building will measure 92m x 22m and will be visible from many vantage points as it will be situated on the hill side not far from the nearby cottages. The building will have 12 large ventilation fans to expel bad air into the atmosphere with deposits of ammonia and nitrogen falling onto the Tan Y Gopa woods. The site has a narrow access and heavy lorries will be going to and from the site. This development will have a bad impact on the nearby houses and the properties down wind and into the town mainly due to the strong smell. If you want more information or are unhappy about this development please e-mail Mr Ceri Thomas, Planning Officer, Conwy Council at Ceri.Thomas@conwy.gov.uk. Diolch/Thank you.

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