New York Terrace, Abergele

New York Terrace Sea Road Junction 1872

Norman Williams recently enquired if anyone could help him to locate Eurog House, New York Terrace, Abergele. Two of his late relatives, Mary Roberts (nee Williams) and her husband, Owen Roberts, had lived there prior to their both dying in early 1901 (see The Old Pubs, Inns & Taverns of Abergele in the 1800’s). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything marked on any of the surviving terrace buildings to indicate which it might have been. There again, it’s not unknown for house names to change down the years either.

There was, however, another adjacent terrace which no longer exists (see the 1872 map section above). That was called New York Street and comprised 10 properties, whereas New York Terrace had only 7 properties originally. The Terrace and Street, like Roche House which faced them, were all built by John Jones prior to 1861.

The above postcard shows Roche House on the extreme left. The right side of the same image shows the gable end of the first/last of the terraced houses in New York Street with the access just visible beyond.

Can any of our readers, perhaps with a more intimate knowledge of the area, shed any light on Norman’s query? My only other thought would be for him to contact the Local Archives in Lloyd Street, Llandudno to see if the 1900 Rates Books might clarify matters. I’ve put their contact details on the Pubs, Inns & Taverns page which has Norman’s original enquiry.

Nigel Hilton.

6 thoughts on “New York Terrace, Abergele

  1. paul wright:

    the terraced houses that are located at the mini round a bout at Tesco abergel have a sign on 1 of them that says
    new York terrace,

  2. Nigel Hilton:

    Thanks for the feedback Paul. If you’re interested, the start & likely conclusion of this ‘thread’ can be found under The Old Pubs, Inns & Taverns of Abergele in the 1800’s. It’s great that our readers are able to contribute towards the various queries which find their way to Abergele Post.
    Best wishes, Nigel.

  3. Shirley Jones-Roberts:

    Norman Williams enquires in November if anyone had any knowledge regarding two of his relatives living in Eurog House, believed to be 3, New York Terrace.
    I have the deeds and abstract of title of the above going back to 1883 with much history of the families living there. In 1873, the property was left in trust to six children belonging to Isaiah Williams. One son Hugh died in 1873 leaving a widow Mary Williams. May she have possibly later married Own Roberts?
    The whole of the family history is documented and may be of interest to you
    Also you mention Mary and Owen Roberts had previously lived at 79 Mount Pleasant but I don’t think there were that many houses, so could it have been No 19?
    Would be very interested to hear your comments

    1. Ian:

      I just read this on the Internet, and I sincerely hope that I am not to late chiming in on this. I too am in search of information on the subjects above in Norman’s request.
      My Great Grandfather, David Edward Roberts, or Edward David depending on who you talk to, is Owen and Mary Roberts Great Grandson.
      I am currently doing a Family Tree, and any further information pertaining to this family would certainly be welcomed.
      Thank you in advance.

  4. Dave Headey:

    My great grandmother worked as a domestic servant to Robert Jones, grocer & provision dealer in 1871, who lived in one of about 20 dwellings in what was then called “Gate Hall” and which I believe included New York Terrace. There was also a Tollgate cottage (with a toll keeper resident). I’d love to know more about the area and where New York came into it. Until yesterday I’d assumed Gate Hall was part of the Gwrych Castle estate but this now seems more interesting!

  5. Kevin Donovan:

    In 1949 (when I was three) my father died suddenly while the family were on holiday. We were staying (bed & breakfast, I assume) with Mr and Mrs Stephenson in Castle View, Water Street, in Abergele. I have recently discovered two letters written shortly after to my mother from Mrs Stephenson. She writes amongst other things to note their new address. 5 New York Cottages, Abergele. She says, “It’s a very tiny cottage, just one living room & one bedroom & a wash house, but we are very thankful to get it, as you know that big place was far too much for me…”

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