New novella about a boy growing up in Abergele

Abergele author Rob Burslem has published new e-book called “Three Pomegranetes and a half bottle of Scotch

Rob wrote to Abergele Post to let us know about the book because it’s about Abergele. The blurb on the book cover says:

“It is a story inspired by true life events. It depicts with compassion the poverty that existed in North Wales during the 1950’s and 60’s.  Kevin is faced with an imminent and cataclysmic life changing event. He has to decide if it’s worth going on. Before he makes that decision he needs to face up to his past and the bad things he has done to the ones he loves. He has to decide if redemption is possible. All the basic events are true and characters real.”

Rob adds that – for a limited time – readers can download a free Kindle copy from Amazon from Thursday 19th September to Monday 23rd September 2013.

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