Llaethdai Abergele dairies and commercial milk producers

Gyda diolch i Gwynn Williams, yn enedigol o Lanefydd, wedi byw yn Abergele a bellach yn Rhyl.

Here’s a list from from local singer, actor and historian Gwynn Williams showing how many farms, outlets and dairy companies sold milk in Abergele in the first half of the 20th Century:

Glan Llyn – Williams
Ty Mawr
Pen Llyn
Bryn Gwyn
Bowdon House – William Jones
Fern Bank
Siamber Wen
Tim Roberts
Hylas Dairies – up St George’s Rd
Tan Dderwen – Manners
Bryn Coch – Lewis
Nant Fawr – Edward Jones

I’m grateful to Gwynn for sharing this list.

When I showed this list to local historian Brian Haynes, he added another name an a nice story about :

Farmer Roberts the Weatherman in Pensarn.

Brian says:
“The Royal Welsh Show was held on part of his land. He’d come out of his farm in Pensarn  every day with two half churns balanced on either side of his bike. His weather forecasting ability was second to none. But one day, someone asked him: ‘what’s the weather going to be like today Farmer Roberts?’ and he replied: ‘I don’t know, the battery’s just run out on me radio!'”

Brian printed a set of maps and ringed the commercial dairy outlets listed by Gwynn. Here’s a detail:

Some of the dairies which used to be up St George's Rd, Abergele
Some of the dairies which used to be up St George’s Rd, Abergele


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