Lewis’s Sale

Twice a year there’d be an ad and a pricelist in the Abergele Visitor announcing Lewis’s Sale, Lewis’s was the men’s clothes shop next door to the Gwindy.

The owner had a name that really suited her personality: Jolly Much – a lively and kind woman.

Jolly would have a start date, tempting pricelists available for days beforehand, balloons and limited launch offers to build anticipation. She’d also stick paper on the windows to cover up the bargains until the ‘reveal’ on the first morning of the sale.

Skinny ribbed polo necks were in fashion and mum bought me a mustard one that was a bargain. I wanted to look like Illya Kuryakin from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

In the 1970s, underpants were generally sold individually, but Jolly would bundle up the pants and socks so you’d get five pairs for 50 new pence.

Yes, the Abergele shop owner who really knew how to stage a sale was Lewis Bros’ Jolly Much.

Lewis Bros ghost sign
This ghost sign next door to the Gwindy Abergele is all that remains to remind us of Lewis Bros

3 thoughts on “Lewis’s Sale

  1. Peter Davies:

    Yes, Lewis’s sale was quite an event each year. I always remember queing up as a child in the 70s trying to be one of the first 20 or so who would be able to buy a digital watch for a pound, but alas I never quite got there early enough!! Happy days growing up in Abergele.

  2. Dennis Parr:

    Just a couple of corrections !!
    The shop was owned and run by Ron Mutch who inherited it from his father who had been an established tailor in the town for many years.
    Ron did run the business as a bespoke tailor for a number of years ( I have still got, and wear regularly, the trousers from a suit that I had made by Ron !)
    Speaks well for the quality.after about 30 years !!
    He was ably assisted by his wife,Jolly Mutch. They still reside in Abergele.

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