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  1. Val donovan:

    I cant thank you enough for showing this photo I wish I knew who the people were ,my grandmother and her family lived in this street and peel street, I never met them or knew them.
    One of my great aunts went to Patagonia
    It’s made my day
    Thank you Dennis

  2. Val donovan:

    Where can I see more of this gentleman’s photos


    Thanks Dennis..
    Great photos.. i don’t suppose you remember how the numbers ran in the street. I was looking for where no17 would have been. David and Eunice Jones (My 2nd great grandparents) lived there, along with my Great grandmother Bathsheba and her siblings. Also do you know where Bryn Coch Cottages are in Abergele?

    1. Val donovan:

      I know the name My Davies lived in if the photos have people and address I’d be very excited
      Fab photos ☺️

  4. Dennis Parr:

    Sorry that I can’t help at present. Although I came to live in Abergele in 1952 as a young man I was working in Rhyl and didn’t spent much time locally. After spending several years working in London I eventually came back to Abergele in 1960 to open a business. I cannot recollect seeing Jenkin Street although I was a customer of Slaters Car dealers which was virtually opposite. The street MAY have been demolished by that time. However I do know someone who may be able to help so will make some enquiries.


    Thanks Dennis..
    I have a list of people who lived in Jenkin St in 1901 here.

    1901 Census Jenkin St, Abergele.

    01 – Joseph & Elizabeth Williams & siblings
    02 – Edward & Ellen Hughes and son
    03 – Thomas & Maria Williams
    04 – Mary Jons
    05 – John & Mary Jones
    06 – Joseph & Mary Sturgess
    07 – Sarah & son Robert Parry
    08 – Robert & Ellen Jones & siblings
    09 – Elizabeth & son Evan Rowlands
    10 – William & Jane Edwards & siblings
    11 –
    12 – William & Jane Jones & siblings
    13 – Catherine & son William Gerard
    14 – Edward & Margaret Parry & siblings
    15 – David & Elizabeth Parry & siblings
    16 – Robert & Elen Thomas & siblings
    17 – David & Eunice Jones, Bathshebas & siblings
    18 – John & Sarah Parry & siblings

    1. Val Donovan:

      In 1911 my family were at 6 Jenkin Street
      Is there anyone who would have reference to them ?

    2. Claire New:

      The Sturgess At No. 6 are my Great Great grand parents on my Dads side

      1. Peter Rayner:

        My mum lived on Jenkin street in the 1930s her name was Eileen Coppack

  6. Val donovan:

    Thank you this is then I have them in my family tree and the censuses

    They had a daughter Margaret I have it in the 1901 census and the 1891 I believe she is listed as Maisie in that obviously An error
    I believe I have are in 1911 working for an Isaac and Morris of course I can’t be certain it’s her there is a family story that she married and went to Patagonia

    I can find no marriage certificate for her and no referencing any newspapers or sites to this effect i.e. Patagonia
    She has been my brickwall for 17 years I have no idea what she went but I can trace the rest of them
    Her brother was found dead in Llanifair on the road or outbuildings in the 50s poor guy homeless I think
    My ears always prick up when I hear Jenkins Street or Peel Street I’m still desperately seeking Margaret Davies LOL thank you for the reply Val

    1. Claire New:

      Are you related to the Sturgess at no 6. Val?

      1. Val Donovan:

        Clare that name Has not come up in my search maybe they moved in to number six when Daniel Davies and his family moved into peel street or vice a versa

        1. Claire New:

          My great great grandparents are the Sturgesses of No 6 and I believe are related to the Parrys I think Sarah and Robert. A part of the family went to Patagonia but I have no further information on them. Are we related?

      2. Val Donovan:

        Clare I am very excited by your imfo regarding the Patagonia comment
        My brick wall of over
        25years is Margaret Davies my great aunt who went to Patagonia I have never been able to find her marriage.
        What was the name of the family that went to Patagonia
        Please reply I don’t want to loose touch I’m on FB as well

        I do have Parry’s in my family
        We could be related do you have an ancestry account I could share my tree with you
        My email is vdonovan2@btinternet.com


    You should try a DNA test on Ancestry and you will be amazed what links you get to other peoples trees…

    1. Val Donovan:

      I have and I have had a few hints one cousin in Canada and he and I have really put the Davis family to bed but sadly Margaret still has not shown herSelf

  8. Iwan:

    As I understand it, my ancestors where the Jenkinses! I have found my grandmother (x4) Susannah Jenkins living on Jenkins Street in 1861.

  9. Perry:

    My grandmother lived on Jenkin street I think number 17 her name Jones.

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