Interesting and Haunted

While browsing the Northern Ghost Investigation website I came across these articles concerning the history of the Bull Hotel in Chapel Street.

“In late 1848, Jane Roberts of Abergele, opened up her home to a Mormon preacher, John Parry Jr, who was a convert from Newmarket. Jane Roberts, Jane Parry, Elias and Barbara Morris became his first parishioners, but in the years that followed many people in and around Abergele became baptized and were converted to Mormonism.

The Bull Hotel became a place of worship for the Abergele Branch of the LDS Church on April 30th 1849. However it was  discontinued to be used by the Mormons by April 1856, as many of the members had emigrated to Salt Lake City and other areas of America.

A plaque which hangs on the restaurant wall at The Bull Hotel, shows the photographs of John Parry Jr and Elias Morris, and states the Bull Hotel as a place of worship”.


“The Bull Hotel is reputed to inhabited by several ghosts. A ghostly monk is said to reside in the building having died after slipping on a wet surface at the location.

Another haunting is that of a young man who once lived at the hotel.  He apparently died in a motor bike accident. The young man was buried in the local cemetery just up the road from the hotel. The figure of this young man still dressed in his “black leathers” has been witnessed by many staff and guests and is said to roam around the whole of the hotel. Yet another haunting is that of an unknown female. There have also been reports of shadows, strange noises, cold spots, orbs and unusual smells all around the hotel”


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  1. Delyth A MacRae:

    John Parry was my great grandfather and the first conductor of the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Salt Lake City. Prior to his emigration he lived at Highgate, St George with Edward Parry his brother who was also the master mason on the Manti & St George temples in Utah.

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