Early road plan of Abergele. Very old map.

I’m not sure of the age of this old road plan of Abergele, owned by Dennis Parr, but it looks very old. It shows the old – now demolished – houses on Peel Street. Apart from those lining Market Street, other buildings are sparse.

Old map of Abergele From the Dennis Parr Collection
From the Dennis Parr Collection

Can anyone help to date this map please?

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  1. David Hughes:

    I think this is an early planning map as it’s showing land in numbered plots. It isn’t accurate as it only has to show these plots in relation to the town without all the other building that were there like the numbers and old toll cottage for example.

    1. Delyth MacRae:

      Agree David. Pre 1861 I would guess

  2. Brian Haynes:

    Looks like a map which would accompany a planning application, so agree with Delyth & David.

  3. Andrew Hesketh:

    I agree with the planning map comments but can offer no date. There are two pieces of handwriting on the map but I don’t know if they could help because I can only read one – ‘Lodge’ at the entrance to Pentre Mawr (was there ever a lodge there?). The other is in the field north-west of the church. I’ve tried zooming and enhancing and all sorts but cannot make sense of the two words. I have a guess but it’s very insecure. Can anyone else see this?

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Following a chat with Brian Haynes this weekend I’ve had another look at the writing on Field 366 in Photoshop and I can’t make out the writing either Andrew. Best regards.

  4. David Hughes:

    There was a small cottage on the left as you entered Pentre Mawr which I presume could be called a lodge. It was later occupied by a park keeper. There was one at the Pensarn end of the path through Pentre Mawr as well.

  5. David Hughes:

    The field north west of the church would be the graveyard which may well have been a new allocation of land at the time of this map.

  6. Nigel Hilton:

    I’m somewhat latecoming to this thread but wonder if this wil help any? The 1830 O.S. map (Unions, Denbigh) & the 1840 O.S. map (First Series, 79 NW – Denbigh) both show several properties towards the Water Street end of Peel Street but they don’t extend all the way as far as Peel Gardens as they did in later years. Could this indicate the map dates to, say, around the 1850s?
    Yes Andrew, as commented above by David, there was a Lodge to the left of the main entrance into Pentre Mawr. It was a stone built, single storey structure. A small porch sheltered the front door which led to a narrow passageway. That went through the property to the back door. There were only two rooms, one each to the left & right off the hallway. I’ve vague recollections of a lean-to structure at the rear, serving as a sort of kitchen-cum-work area. The cold water tap was at the rear of the property. The reason I know this is because my then fiancee & I viewed the run-down property in around 1969-70, wondering if it might prove a viable first home if extended & modernised. It wasn’t !
    Don’t know if this helps any.

    1. Julie:

      Hi Nigel I’m interested in the maps you mention of 1830 and 1840. I can only find OS maps from the 1870s for Abergele at the archives.. Could you tell me where these earlier OS maps are available to be studied. Thank you so much.

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