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There’s a new website that looks fascinating. It’s the digitised archive of aeriel photos of British towns by the Royal Commission. Here’s a gem from Britain from Above. Notice the allotments (!!) in Parc Gele at the bottom of the picture and the two tanks (grain, coal gas?) at the rear of Chapel Street. Add any other spots to the Comments below please.

Crown Copyright from Britain from Above
Abergele from above. Date not known. Crown Copyright from Britain from Above. Please click on image to see clearer version.

I first discovered the site via this tweet by the Royal Commission: “BRITAIN FROM ABOVE rare & fragile aerial photos from Aerofims Collection conserved, digitised and now available online”

If you register on the site you can bookmark and comment on favourite images.

This site’s a keeper.

Compare this image with the one on

I’ll end this post with a link to more pictures of Abergele from Britain from Above.

6 thoughts on “Britain from Above

  1. David Hughes:

    Hi Gareth, I saw these but wasn’t sure we could reproduce them due to copyright. I’m really interested in this one. There is a row of houses where the mount is, I think, what are they and did their remains forms to wall to the mount path that ran alongside the tannery ? They are clearly not Peel Street as that can be seen further away. Are they the “numbers” ?

  2. Gareth Morlais:

    Hi David, I’ve read the Ts&Cs and I think the copyright’s OK because isn’t for profit and I credit Crown Copyright. It’s great that all this content is being opened up and shared.
    I see the row of houses you refer to. And I know the wall you mean. Your theory makes sense.
    Fascinating to see this isn’t it?

    1. David Hughes:

      Hi Gareth, I agree with your reasoning. The site is really interesting as it shows the town in a different perspective. So odd to be looking at a field where my house now stands. Given the time they were taken, back around the late 20’s I’m amazed that they took the time to photograph Abergele. There are some great shots of other places around here, have a look at Rhuddlan Castle in those days, it looks wrecked and must have taken serious restoration.

  3. Royston Jones:

    Hi David and Gareth.Try a search for Conwy and the first few pictures are of Pentre Mawr School.On the other Abergele pictures I was amazed to see only 6 houses in Sydenham Avenue including the one I live in and Clwyd Avenue only built on one side.I had no idea about those houses in the Mount.The small row of houses on the south side of Peel Street were called Kinmel Cottages and my father grew up there.

  4. David Hughes:

    Thanks Royston, I would never of thought of searching Conwy for Pentre Mawr School. Interesting to see it then. The picture of Clwyd Avenue amazed me too as there is only one side built, the house I was brought up in is on the picture.

  5. Delyth MacRae:

    Hi Davd . The Numbers cottages were situated at the end of Peel St facing water st where the garages and bus stop area is now. There was a picture posted on the Abergele history and photogras site notoo long ago. I will dig it out and place on here for you

    There were also 4 small cottages situated in the Mount, on the triangular piece of land just after the bridge from Water St called Mount Cottages and the Tannery family were born there.

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