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  1. dave:

    Hi, Just stumbled across your website and found it very interesting. I’ve lived in Abergele for 20 years and all my family are from here. I’ve just started a web design company and also computer services (pc/laptop repairs, networking, internet etc) and was wondering whether you could insert my website link on your links page. We offer special prices etc for new startup companies, forums, CMS and e commerce. Many Thanks Dave

    P.S. I’ve just tried sending you an email to but it states that the email doesn’t exist.

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Hi Dave, Thanks for letting me know about the broken email; it’s now fixed.
      If I added your company’s link to the links page it may look out of place as the rest of the links are to sites that are about Abergele or of a public service nature.
      I’ve edited and approved this comment so hopefully there’ll be some follow-throughs and Google-juice from that.
      Thanks for getting in touch and good luck with Rubberduck, Rhianedd, Coffee Beans, Aber Builders and you other sites.
      I’ll keep an eye on your Rhianedd network forum as that could develop into a really interesting resource. The address is:

  2. Dennis Parr:

    How do I post a picture on your website

    1. Caroline Josling:

      Dear Mr Parr,
      You have posted some photos that I think are my family.
      Jones family shops and I am keen to see any more and get info if possible?
      I would be so grateful.
      many thanks,
      Caroline Josling

  3. Gwyn Hughes:

    Avro Anson Mk1 N5130…….. I am researching an accident on this aircraft during Feb 1944 at Marl Farm in Llandudno Junction with five fatalities ….and have found more information on this same aircraft of an earlier accident . The first crash was a forced landing at Abergele at Morfa Farm between Abergele and Kinmel bay on the 27th July 1941. The aircraft for some reason the landing resulted with its undercarriage being torn off when it ran into a ditch at the end of a field .
    I wonder if any of your readers can recall this incident or know any eyewitnesses who may have seen it .I hope to trawl through some old newspapers to enhance my search , please can you advise what newspaper to do a search on and where those copies are archived ?
    Gwyn Hughes

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Two other quick suggestions:
      1. of course, The Abergele Visitor is the paper to check
      2. there are books about air crash sites. E.g. Fallen Eagles WW2 Aircraft Crashes of North East and Mid-Wales by Midland
      Hope this helps,
      Gareth Morlais, producer AbergelePost

  4. Gwyn Hughes:

    checked out all local newspaper – Abergele Visitor , Rhyl Journal , Rhyl Leader with no reports on this aircraft …spoke to a farmer at Gors Farm and gave me a lead to talk to his relative now living in Llangernyw , who was living at Gors Farm during the war years …fingers crossed !!

  5. Nigel Hilton:

    I’ve trawled through my collection of books on aircraft crashes but, apart from Terence R. Hill’s 2 Volumes titled ‘Down in Wales’, most mainly cover those in the Snowdonia area. Volume 1 of Edward Doylerush’s book ‘No Landing Place’ makes mention of Anson N5130’s last flight in the Appendix. As Gwyn probably knows through his role as webmaster for and with his greater access to archive material, the aircraft was from 8(O)AFU (Observers/Advanced Flying Unit) at RAF Mona on Anglesey on a Navigational Exercise. On 15 February 1944 the ‘plane disintegrated in the air near Marl Farm, Llandudno Junction’, possibly as a result of a detached aileron. There were no survivors unfortunately. So far I’ve been unable to find anything on the earlier incident on the 27 July 1941.

  6. Marie:

    Finding relatives.
    Hi I am trying to find the 2 sisters of Florence Davies born in Pembrokeshire. Florence had a son John Alan Davies born 1959 Riverside Hospital Pembroke dock ( out of wedlock ). I was told Florence sisters live in Abergele and I was wondering if I could post this on your Abergele Post site in hope someone may be able to help me find my grandson Thomas davies relatives. Davies was their maiden names.
    Thank you


    Dear Abergele Post,
    I found three pictures of Kinmel Park army camp 1919 on your website and am requesting permission to publish them in the future. I’m doing some research on Kinmel Park camp and the Canadians and it would help if you would allow me to use them.

    kind regards from Canada,
    roger sharpe

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      Hi Roger, I received your email message and this is the message I sent back to you:
      Thanks for getting in touch to ask Roger. If you send me the links to the images, I’ll try to find out their source for you. Best, Gareth Morlais, producer

  8. stephen Binks:

    I am interested in contacting Andrew Hesketh regarding his research in to “Abergele Men”, from the Great War, in particular, Walton Mellor. I believe Walton was the first soldier to be killed in action during the Great War with links to Abergele and would like to write a small article on his live, service and ultimate death in Mons on the 23rd August 1914. I notice his sister died as late as 1998 and wondered if any of his articles had been deposited in archive in Abergele.

    Thank you

    Stephen Binks

    1. Andrew Hesketh:

      Stephen, I mentioned tin my email hat I have a full account. Extracts are posted in response to the post on Walton Mellor of 23 August 2014.

  9. alun jones:

    I have been researching a soldier by the name of PTE James Albert Price South Wales Borderers 6th Battalion that spent some time at Kimmel Park and I have a post card that he bought and addressed but never sent. it has a picture of three soldiers and a drop down part with photos of the camp and area 12 in total. this card is in perfect condition and if you would like photos of the card and copies of the drop down please contact me

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