Abergele Modern (Dinorben) School Football Team 1959/60

I was looking at my old school football team photograph and am quite pleased to say that after 50 years I can still remember most of the names. Just a couple I am not sure about so can anyone help identify my old team mates.
D L Davies(Special) was a great sports master coach and with the assistance of his colleague “Willi Welsh” moulded a good school team in those days long ago.

The arch enemy was of course Abergele Grammar, I think one of their star players was Ken Lamb. I seem to remember playing with him for Abergele Celts a few years later.

I hope this picture stirs a few memories and we get some responce from one or two of the old team
John (Johnny) Bowman

Abergele Modern School Football Team 1959/60

11 thoughts on “Abergele Modern (Dinorben) School Football Team 1959/60

  1. Gareth Morlais:

    Great photo and story John. Hearing you mention Abergele Celts reminded me that I sometimes used to go down to Pentre Mawr Park on a Saturday afternoon to watch the team play home games. I can still taste the steaming half-time tea poured from the urn into a polystyrene cup.

    I think there were two football teams in Abergele at the time: Abergele Celts and Abergele Town. I guess it was a real local derby when those two teams played each other…!

  2. John_Bowman:

    I posted the above and named the boys from memory but now I have found my other photograph with the names. Second from the left front row is Bryndly Rawlinson and second from right I am sure Alwyn Jones.
    Unless anyone knows better.

    1. Ian Jones Davies:

      Gareth there was two teams one being the Celts and the other was Gele Athletic i was mascot for the celts!!! It was a blood and thunder on derby day!!!

  3. sheila:

    Trying to contact to Ken Lamb and those Liverpool students, especially Maurice England ,who worked on the Crosville Buses in the summer from Rhyl between 1965/68 to arrange a reunion before we forget what we looked like!! You had to punch out the tickets and ring the bell then. What would the youngsters make of it. It would be great to have a gettogether as the 60s was such a memerable

  4. Ken Lamb:

    I remember Mo England, Phill Cassidy and Tom Davies who were all Liverpool students and working on the buses, also Shaemus Carroll and Keiran Kavannagh from Ireland. Also Tony Gizzi who still lives in Abergele.

  5. Sheila Gardner:

    Hi Ken. Sorry it has taken ‘5’ years to reply but not that good on the internet !!! Have been speaking to some of my old female friends & would love to arrange a meet with you & the Liverpool ‘crosville’ lads before we turn 80!! Are you in touch with them?

  6. Sheila Gardner:

    Hi Ken. Sorry taken so long to reply. Trying to set up a get together in 2019 for all those students & us ‘females’ who enjoyed the 60s with you & all the Liverpool students.

  7. P. Oldham:

    My name is Peter Oldham. I left the school at Easter, 1959. I have two school team photos from 1956 to 1957, then 1957 to 1958. I played in both teams

  8. P. Oldham:

    I was crowned bard of the 1958/9 Eisteddfod, with a poem which I submitted, under the pseudonym of Bert Trautman. He was a famous German goal keeper, who played for Man City. I would very much like to obtain a copy of that poem before I die. I would be grateful to anyone that could help me? I would also like to offer £250 to the top boy and girl leaving next year.

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