Abergele Fireworks 2011

Here are the details of Abergele’s main Bonfire Night / Halloween firework display.

fireworks display 2011 poster

The poster was photographed outside Discos while I was distributing flyers for AbergelePost with added QR codes around the town’s wireless internet points and in some shops too. Look out for those pinned up in town.

flyer with QR code for Candy Box

2 thoughts on “Abergele Fireworks 2011

  1. Nigel Holland:

    Great if you want to know whats going on in 2011!
    but when is this years display on?


    Nigel Holland

    1. Gareth Morlais:

      I just asked your question on Twitter @abergelepost too. I know by searching the web that the Daily Post lists bonfires and firework displays in Rhyl, Colwyn Bay etc. but, when I looked yesterday, ther was no listing for Abergele.

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