Abergele Carnival and Tram memories

I went to look at the recent Carnival in town. Great to see it being supported by the town people and lovely weather as well, as you can see.

Pentre Mawr Park looked as it used to when I was a child. Lots of things going on, music and sunshine. Brilliant day for all.


In the background was a replica tram from the old tramway that ran between Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. It brought back memories of when I was a small child, catching the train from Pensarn to Colwyn Bay and then the tram to Llandudno. Here is a picture of a tram decending into Rhos on Sea. Sure you will all recognise the place. It’s now a two level roadway.

1 thought on “Abergele Carnival and Tram memories

  1. pnrstatubuzz.in:

    What a beauty to watch. Just a perfect picture of the old train tracks reminds me a lot of things. It’s awesome.

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