The Abergele Visitor

The Abergele Visitor was pushed  through our letterbox every Friday. It was printed in Abergele, in a room with lino on the floor above the Visitor Office newsagents, next door to the Bee.

Our neighbour Gordon Hughes was the printer and the noise of the rolling presses made it difficult to hear him speak as he explained how he set the lead type mirror-imaged for each week’s edition.

The paper’s chief photographer was Mr Sumners who had his office and darkroom between the Visitor Office and Woolworth’s. Mr Sumners seemed to be at every wedding, summer fete, sports day and chapel parade. He’d develop his own  photos and put prints of his latest shoots in his shop window, giving passing shoppers a good idea of what had been going on in Abergele that week.

Nowadays many local and regional papers are owned by bigger and bigger companies, based further and further away from their readers. But there’s something really cosy about remembering the days when  the stories of Abergele were told by the people of the town itself. People like Gordon Hughes and Mr Sumners.

Advert for Mr Sumner's Photography from an old map of Abergele.

Advert for Mr Sumner's Photography from an old map of Abergele.

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8 Responses to The Abergele Visitor

  1. Sharon Young says:

    My Dad also worked as a printer at The Visitor Office. Nice to see it mentioned here.

  2. Royston Jones says:

    My father Emlyn Jones worked there as a printer from some time in the early 1940’s until it was taken over by the Weekly News group and the Visitor was printed in Llandudno Junction.

  3. David Hughes says:

    Remember it well. I remember Mr Sumner, he lived on Sea road and his son was in school with me. Graham, if my little grey cells are working. His dad also took my first wedding photos and remember him present at many events. The Visitor was part of my life too, I delivered papers for them for some years and used to deliver to the house I now live in. Seem to have gone full circle.

  4. remember lias williams we called him lyer willams putting us in the paper when we had been incourt

  5. Gillian Davies says:

    Many years ago I wrote a poem which was published in the abergele visitor.
    Called ” oh councillors of Conwy”. Is it possible to try to get a copy of the published poems

    • I think you’d need to track down archived copies of the paper Gillian. Start with Conwy County Library Services, then you may find you need to delve into the fantastic National Library of Wales archive. If you do have to take a trip to Aberystwyth, watch out for the starlings swarming in clouds around the pier at dusk, just before roosting.

  6. John A Smith says:

    More information on Mr Sumner I was friends with his son Paul same school, secondary modern and they lived on Dundonald ave,GAbergele before living in sea rd.

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