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This is a page about how to make use of democratic means to change Abergele for the better.

Fix My Street is a transparent way you can share concerns you have about your neighborhood with other people:

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This BBC Democracy Live page has an up-to-date list of Abergele’s elected representatives: MPs, AMs, MEPs. This site also lets you search for mentions of “Abergele” in Westminster and the Assembly.

Abergele’s Mayor is Malcolm Medlicott. Here’s a page about him and about Abergele Town Council.

Here’s some information about what Abergele’s elected MP is up to:

1 thought on “Take Action

  1. LL22:

    I think that ‘Fix my street’ is available as a mobile phone application. I installed the free Android app onto my phone because it seemed like a useful thing to be able to report something whilst still at the location. However, as I have never actually got around to using it, I cannot really comment on this app, let alone actually recommend it. Nonetheless, in principle, the mobile phone app seems like a good idea to me.

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