St. Michael’s vigil service to commemorate WWI

Abergele Town Council in conjunction with the Abergele British Legion and St. Michael’s Church are holding a service of mark the commencement of the WWI commemorations on Monday 4th August 2014 at 7pm in St. Michael’s Church to reflect and remember.

It was at 11pm on 4 August 1914 that Germany declared war on Belgium. Great Britain gave Austria-Hungary an ultimatum to stand down from hostilities. When Austria-Hungary didn’t comply, a state of war was declared.

After the service, Abergele Town Council’s Delyth McRae has arranged for recordings of Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan students listing the names of of some of the participants in WWI with a connection to Abergele. This is the list researched by Abergele war historian Andrew Hesketh. The recordings, produced by, are called Cofia Abergele Remembers. There’ll be more information about them here soon, including names of the Emrys students who took part in the recordings.

Photo credit: Keltek Trust

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