Snow to finish- the last of the old street.

Cold and lonely - but a fine day on which to go !!

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4 Responses to Snow to finish- the last of the old street.

  1. David Hughes says:

    Dennis, lovely set of pictures of Peel Street. Remeber it well. Knew a lot of families who lived there. Our house in Clwyd Avenue backed on to them. Do you have any pictures of the bottom end of the street showing the old bike shop and Glassclad Batteries ?

  2. mr john a smith, st asaph says:

    David, i have a couple of phoyos of the old shop at the end of Peel Street and the corner of Bryn Ffynon, please get in touch

    • John – Thanks for this. I love it when people use this site to share information, images, history, etc. To avoid causing you any email spam, I’ve passed your contact details on to David so he can email you directly. Please do feel free both to share these photos here on the site if you like- Gareth, abergelepost producer.

  3. David Hughes says:

    Hello John, I would like to publish the pictures for you. I have sent you an e-mail message to the address that Gareth supplied but it keeps being returned. Please snd test e-mail to Regards. David

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