Pentre Mawr Park Abergele

Here’s a series of photographs by Sion Jones capturing one of Abergele’s true gems: Pentre Mawr Park…


Pentre Mawr – the Plasdy. Photographed in 2014 by Sion Jones.

pentre-mawr-park-abergele5-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele2-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele3-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele4-2003-2006-by-sion-jones pentre-mawr-park-abergele6-2003-2006-by-sion-jones

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  1. Jeannie Gardiner says:

    I used to play tennis in the park in about 1956 a long time ago are the tennis courts still there. I live in Cheshire and although I have visited Abergele occasionally never visited the park. Many happy memories.

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