Pensarn station

All this talk with Brian kindled fresh memories of the train station. This picture of Abergele station looking towards Llanddulas brings back many memories. the over rail walkway, long since gone, was the start of many adventures, the permanent smell of steam as you walked over only served to highten the excitment of travel to far away places. You can still get the experience if you walk over the one still in place at Rhyl station where, after all these years there is still a trace of the smell, or is it just my imagination ? Far away places such a Rhyl or even Chester. The most exciting was school trip to London, seemed so far away in those days. All on the train, well prepared with orange squash and sandwiches prepared by Mum for the whole trip, usually consumed before we got to Prestatyn. Individual fruit pies, now what happened to those ? Running up and down the corridors, being told off by seemingliy the oldest person in the world, the Guard !! Happy days.

2 thoughts on “Pensarn station

  1. melyn:

    David, what a great memory and photo of the train and the walkway. I’m sure you’re not just imagining the smell of the steam. I can feel it in my nostrils now. (See also the start of

  2. David Hughes:

    We used to do the same but standing on the footbridge at the bottom of Tennis Court Road in Pensarn. Strage reading about the amusements in your post, brought back even more recollections, I worked there when I was a kid. Trying to master the art of making Candy Floss, a duty not to be treated lightly and not entrusted to everyone. The likely hood of failure was imense, the look of horror on holiday making kids when it simply flew of the stick, the tears that followed and comments I shan’t repeat from the parents. Do you remember the electric shock machine on the prom, we all used to daisy chain it holding hands to see who would fall out first. Wonder what todays health and safety would think of that ! Being as you liked the photo I’ll send another in the next post which is even more interesting, at least in my mind.

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